Outdoor Kitchen Just In Time for Football Season!

Nothing says football like cooking outdoors, so why not do it in style with a new outdoor kitchen from Texas Premier Builders? Everyone knows that as the fall season begins its approach, the anticipation of football lingers in the air. Some long for the coming of Halloween or Thanksgiving and others set their calendars by “Football Season!“

Are you ready for some football? Getting ready for football is an annual tradition in many homes. Just like leaves on the trees changing and pumpkins growing in the fields, the jerseys come out of the dresser drawers, the pennants go up on the walls, and the special mugs and chip and dip plates make their way into the everyday dishes stacks. It’s time for some diehard parties and some great outdoor cooking.

The moment has arrived, that time you’ve been dreaming of, when you invite all your family and friends over for the pregame cookout. They have no idea what is in store for them. They think it’s going to be just one of those regular back yard barbecues with the same old stuff. But you’ve got the surprise of your life waiting for them. Just like a quarterback sacked from his blindside, imagine their shock and your pride when you unveil your custom built Outdoor Kitchen from Texas Premier Builders.

You have been dreaming about this Outdoor Kitchen for a long time. You’ve planned it in your mind over and over, down to the very last detail, just like the winning playbook. The sleek lines of the countertops, the built in cooking range, and custom cabinets and the little special touches like the under mount sink and the chrome drawer pulls. All this magnificent cooking space under your very own custom built gazebo. Your shady oasis is more than a cooking area; it’s a place for the whole family to gather around. Good company, good food—who could ask for more?

No more trying to fit everything on your tiny back yard table, no more having to go back and forth in and out of the house to get supplies and take them back. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips with your new Outdoor Kitchen. There is a place for everything and everything in its place, exactly as you dreamed it would be. You’ll be cooking with the precision of a finely honed offense and calling out burger and steak orders better than Madden himself. They want the turkey leg—you’ve got the turkey leg!

You’re not just creating culinary works of art in your new Outdoor Kitchen you’re creating memories. While the team rushes down the field toward the goal line, you’re scoring your own touchdowns with your loved ones. Cooking up a great meal, relaxing at the bar and cheering on the team are all now somehow better than even being in the owners box—because this is your home field advantage.